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What does God want from me? A serious inquiry.

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This is no fool's game. Life that is.

It is of the utmost importance that I clearly understand what God wants for me in this life.

When I am stable and on my medication and am seeking wise counsel, there are no "mental" voices to contend with. In such a state, I am living fully in reality and am making use of all my senses as a rational human being.

Some people think it is all about the Spirit but that is definitely not true according to Holy Scripture and the Holy Traditions and Teachings of His Church.

Jesus Christ was Fully God and fully man. A Holy Mystery indeed and something that we can learn from anew in each age.

So what is the significance of this statement. What we call the Incarnation?

It means that there is simply no difference between the material and Spiritual world. They ARE ONE in the same.

People that would have you believe in spooks and sputters on one hand of rank materialism (that the physical world is all there is) and Satanic worship on the other (which claims that only the Spirit matters) totally misuse and ultimately disregard Scripture and Tradition. They separate the world (falsely) into two worlds that are constantly at war with one another.

Examples of this are Good and Evil (as if they were equal), Yin and Yang, Blacks and Whites, Haves and Have Nots. Believe me I could go on and on with examples of the hideous propagation of lies that are all meant to deny the simply complex Fact and Mystery of the Incarnation.

Okay. What practical use is this to me? (To me I say because I am talking about myself and my own beliefs.

I totally respect you for having your own beliefs no matter what they may be, except for a very small statistical fringe element that will NEVER be welcome in my world.

Practically speaking I am my own person and I am responsible for my own health and well being. My own fate. My own fortune.

This is NOT "rugged individualism". Far from it.

This is me taking responsibility for the sins I have committed or may commit in the future.

It is about forgiveness and reconciliation, yes, but first it is about repentance (or turning back) and also penance.

There is no carrot and stick. That is just another "bi-polar" way of looking at this world.

There is only a singly complex JOURNEY UPWARD.

You climb and reach plateaus for rest and refreshment and then you climb some more.

Jacob's ladder if you will.

Remember, we are NOT the Holy Angels nor are we the vicious demons.

We are flesh and blood, individual spiritual beings, seeking to be united with Our Father in Heaven.

"On Eart as it is in Heaven." Again... that statement is an Incarnation-al reality.

I really don't care what the vast majority of you believe. To me it all leads to the SAME PLACE we call HEAVEN.

I'll only burn in HELL if it leads me to HEAVEN.

And yes, I am going to burn white hot in HELL.

Refined in the Divine Furnace so that ALL the impurities are removed from my "system".

If you've read this to the end then I thank you for your patience and understanding.

I am merely a simple human being united to the Very Complex Body of Christ, which is His Church.

Mary, Mother of God Pray for us.


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