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What Autumn means to me: I am mature enough to handle any loss that approaching winter may symbolize

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I was out in the back yard yesterday and had this pic taken. That color in the background and the gray-ish kind of day it was is what I will always associate with this season. Cloudy, cool and drizzly.

I personally don't have a problem with this kind of weather or the kind of feelings that it can elicit. I think it is important to experience the full spectrum of healthy emotions while we are alive. They all lend themselves to a sense of balance and stability in my experience.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I am easily moved to tears. They are cleansing in my opinion. Christ shed tears publicly to the amazement of many. I'll have to ask my priest to explain that story to me to get a better understanding why we cry (or laugh or whatnot.)

This post is about what Autumn means to me though.


It means that I am mature enough to handle loss.

God has forged my soul with these very Seasons.


I can appreciate the now-ness of those golden, nostalgic leaves in the background and peer into the future with Faith, Hope and Charity in my mind, heart and soul. Ready to deal with whatever loss that the winter season may symbolize.

"Life itself goes ebbs and flows and lazes on and fades like morning mist... I could go on but at this point I trust..."  [excerpt from my Poem "Cry" which makes up the last chapter of my first book Winning the Battle with Mental Illness: An Example of Compassionate Catholic (Universal) Self-Care. ]

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