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Vocational Update

Updated: 4 days ago

An update about my progress as a Catholic Writer and Content Creator and Mental Health Advocate.

I am on the doorstep so to speak but have not walked through yet.

In other words I am not earning anything from all of my efforts yet.

All I can do is plant the seeds and hopefully God will let a nice little garden grow here.

I have made progress with reconnecting with a lot of good childhood friends and am also making progress in forming new healthy ones too.

My role as a caregiver is stressful at times but it is a learning process and I have some good recreational and spiritual (church participation) outlets to help fortify me.

As far as the earning goes, my goal as a single adult worker is to make about fifty thousand dollars a year. Why? Because that is about how much you need to be happy (some think tank actually studied this) and any surplus would be given away to good causes.

Mind you I am still collecting disability which I earned as a young man and may never reach these goals because of my illness.

It is in God's hands.

One thing is for sure. I need a good wife to help me (it would be mutual help of course). That would push all this through to achieving some responsible financial success.

I cannot do this alone. I make too many mistakes without having a smart and caring person to collaborate with.

I know that I can come on strong with all the Catholic rhetoric sometimes but be assured that it is only as good as it helps bring about more compassionate and effective mental health care to the region that I live in. (Northeast Ohio).

I'm not delusional. There are many fine professionals around here that are doing all the heavy lifting as far as that goes. I just want to lend a hand to the cause.

If you are suffering from what you suspect might be a mental illness (which are actually highly treatable brain disorders), then believe me I am praying for you to reach out to someone you trust and discuss it. Had I done that as a young man I might have avoided a lot of needless trials and tragedies.

God is Good.

I am a sinner trying to be a saint ONLY by the Merciful and omnipotent power of God Alone: Father, Son and Holy Spirit through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ Our Lord.


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