• Dan Popovich

New Original Poem by Dan Popovich: "An Evening Prayer (no. 1)"

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

An Evening Prayer (no. 1)

There is nothing that need be said or done

The Lord has heard and seen

All that we have said and did

This day just as we’ve been

Living, trusting, measuring out

The efforts that are required

From each of us to live a healthy

Life that is inspired.

Our vices having battled

We rest our weary souls

Hoping that the day will finish

With stories to be told

Of virtues, faith hope charity

Won out again and ag’in

So that the dreaded Enemy

Won’t triumph thru our sins

You see it really is

Quite possible to lose

Our place in Heaven’s Kingdom

If ever we should choose

To turn away from Mercy

Won by Him on the Cross

How could I even think

Of breaking Faith with He

That chases down the renegades

Through all eternity

There’s nowhere you can hide it’s true

His Love for all abounds

He simply won’t be satisfied

‘Til ALL His sheep are found.

May God bless you with life in abundance


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