• Dan Popovich

My prayer life... needs improvement

Updated: Aug 4

I went to confession a few weeks ago and the first thing the priest asked me was how is my prayer life? I responded that it is quite "hit or miss" which is the truth. Not good.

I've always been a kind of intuitive type of person when praying which basically means that I only prayed when I felt like it.

I recall that old saying that "there are no atheists in foxholes" as a truism that defined my praying for too many years. That is to say that I mostly prayed, quite sincerely, only when my back was against a wall.

Then again, sometimes I would say to myself that today my prayers are just my breathing in and out peacefully as I work through the day which is certainly legitimate.

However, in order to make some real progress in the Faith, I suspect that I am going to have to start "feeding my soul" with more substantial meals and get on a regular schedule.

Like life in general, schedules help. Regular routines.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a monk or hermit and have no aspirations of being one but I am a Christian and a Catholic Christian at that, so regular prayer is something that I am "called" to do in my current vocation even as a single, Catholic laymen.

I am going to get some advice though on the subject . I know a few good priests that may be able to give me some advice and direction.

So you may be asking why I write so much about religious subjects if I have no calling to a formal religious life? The honest truth is that it is good therapy for me.

I had a horrible year last year and was encouraged to make my spiritual life more of a priority as I moved forward from the trauma and continued on with the journey of recovery.

That doesn't mean I'm living in the clouds like a fool or anything. Quite the contrary. It's just an acknowledgment that I am first and foremost a spiritual being, and that I must deal with the good and bad that comes my way as such.

Again though, with recovery, as with the Faith, it is all one day at a time.

Step by step and moment by moment if necessary.

Time can come to a standstill for us humans but even a million years is but a blink of the eye for God. I need that kind of Perspective and Power on my side. We all do.

That only comes through repentance and Grace and Mercy.

It comes through the Power of Forgiveness that God offers to everyone. Paid for in full by Our Savior's death on the Cross, for every human being that has ever existed.

By His Grace and Mercy alone may we have the power to accept it and move forward with Him to recover our lives lost so long ago originally in Eden.

Forward and never back.

Some things worth praying for.


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