• Dan Popovich

Poem: Most Holy Trinity

Updated: 4 days ago

What is all the controversy?

I ask myself right now.

Some well meaning worshippers

Are furling their brow

When I say that Christ is One

With His Father too

Did I mention th'Holy Spirit

Working Through and Through

Ahhh... 'Tis a Mystery

Trinity Most Blessed

Fortunately 'Tis what I believe

And Where I find my rest.

In the Bosom of the Lord (His Church)

Resting on His Chest (His Heart)

Started for me th'day He found me

I broke down and confessed

Sins oh yes they were many

Mercy is His Way

You don't need to do a thing

You don't need to pay

He did that... pay that is

Hanging on That Cross

Death where is thy victory

No more pain and loss

Back to Father, Son and Spirit

Equals? Are They now?

Did you ever think to ask

The simple question "how"?

I won't force you t'see my way

Freedom let it ring

Saints alive will tune their pipes

Glory be they'll sing.

Here on Earth and There Above

You can join them too

When He calls, you may respond

And just be born anew.

Baptized in just One Name

of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Cleansed from sin go forth and live

If He Wills you sure will do it!

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