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Making money off the suffering of others...

Updated: Jul 27

This is a post regarding the topic of my goal of helping bring about more compassionate and effective mental health care for all. (My mini-mission that motivates me to do all this stuff.)

So here I am, open to the criticism of being just another person that is trying to make a living off of the suffering of others (namely the mentally ill) by promoting myself and my own agenda if you will.

First off, it is obvious from what I have said, done and written (book, blog, website, daily actions, whatever...) that I am up front about the fact that I have been diagnosed with a major mental illness and that I have and will for the rest of my life receive treatment for it to hopefully keep it in remission for the remainder of my life.

So why should anyone listen to me or follow my advice or read my book or anything else I might put forth into the public realm?

Probably the same reason that I have admired and listened to the so many shining examples of mental health recovery that have gone before me and that are really out there right now living normal and healthy lives despite having this particular type of problem to deal with. They live, they work, they have families of their own. I could go on and on.

Look, EVERBODY, mentally ill or not has problems of some sort that they are burdened with at times and need to deal responsibly with.

Christians call those "things" the crosses that we bear, but don't worry I'm not bringing Christianity into this particular post.

What gives me the right to "sell my wares" so to speak?

Simple, this is a free country for those that act responsibly and want to better themselves. I would encourage you to do just that... act responsibly and try to better yourself like the majority of the sane and rational people do in this great land of opportunity.

A bad attitude and self-pity will sink you faster than anything, so regardless of whether you ever buy my book or read another word that I ever say or write, find someone you DO trust and admire and be open to learning from THEM.

There is no shortage of success stories in the world, and there are plenty of them with regards to mental health recovery.

Sincerely, my best wishes for you right now.

Follow YOUR dreams and find YOUR path.

That is all I'm doing too.

Equals. We are a land of equals despite what you may think or feel about yourself.


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