• Dan Popovich

Independence Day Thoughts

Updated: 4 days ago

Sparklers and crackers dazzling the eve

When will our citizens finally believe

That life is too precious to waste

On things that won't matter when we come face to face

With God the Almighty

Jesus His Name

Trinity Blessed

Life isn't a game

Games yes we play

When re-creating true

But Lord the world's sick

Yet beautiful too

Okay it's the 4th

In this land we're blessed

It's our obligation

To share with the rest

Freedom's meant to spread

To each heart one by one

Souls meant to save

Made kin of the Son

Let's party and dance

Like we're meant to do

Tomorrow's a work day

Let's gather a few

Of those that are lost

Hungry for life

To rest from the weary

Struggle and strife.

You right here reading

Plant a seed in your heart

Open my eyes Lord

When I need to start

Gathering lost sheep

Oh one by one

I give you my hands Lord

You gave us Your Son

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