• Dan Popovich

How I prepare to meet Him at Mass

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I simply follow the directions of Holy Mother Church.

The Bride of Christ.

No. Really I just fast an hour before and put on my best clothes.

I make sure my conscience is clean before I even approach the Heavenly Table.

I put myself last (figuratively speaking) and pray that the Lord blesses everyone in His family according the the efforts that they each have put in to discipleship.

Mind you, I absolutely do not judge those that choose not to make much of an effort or even participate at all in the Life of the Church.

Then I wait for Christ to send the Holy Spirit to fill the Faithful with Bread from Heaven.

Spiritual Food.

Sacramentally presented to us to help us carry on the Saving Mystery of the Church.

The Body of Christ. (His Hands and Feet here in this world so to speak.)

I know. There are a lot of these perhaps confusing "names" for the Church and Sacraments and everything. This isn't Gnosticism though which is basically the worship of knowledge.

The Church is a Mystery that wants to draw you into it in order to meet Christ, Who will lead you to the Father through the workings of the Holy Spirit. It's all about getting Home to Heaven by building the Kingdom of God here in this world.

Okay. Enough of all that. I really do have to get ready here.

If I forgot some of the rules then I'm sure someone out there will remind me of them.

God bless and have a good day.

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