Gardening and the Sacred Heart of Jesus: A meditation

First off, try to have a sense of humor when you read this:

Start meditation.

Were there tomatoes in the Garden of Eden?

I would like to think so.

How could I know?

I could scour The Bible for clues.

First I would have to know how to read The Bible.

I could go to a church and ask a priest.

I would have to have faith to do that.

Faith is where I will start my inquiry.

What is faith?

It is my understanding that faith is believing in things yet unseen.

What good is that?

If I am down in the dumps, I find someone I trust, that my gut tells me I can confide in, and I ask his advice.

That takes faith.

What does this have to do with tomatoes in the Garden of Eden?

What does this have to do with The Sacred Heart of Jesus?

I look at the picture of the tomato I just picked this morning.

I'm not saying I live in the Garden of Eden.

I probably live somewhere East of it.

I am working to get there day by day.

"Our Father in Heaven...Thy Kingdom come...on Earth as it is In Heaven."

I am paraphrasing Holy Scripture.

I believe it none the less.

Are there tomatoes in the Garden of Eden?

Do I meditate on the Sacred Heart?

Sometimes a mere picture can speak to me.

I can see.

I can get my hands dirty and plant seeds of faith.

I can also plant tomatoes.

I'm done meditating now.

Thank you.


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