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Ebook available for free should you request it

Updated: Jul 27

My first book is a quick read but it is not an easy one for sure. I'm making the ebook version available to anyone that is either curious but suspect, or just can't afford it.

Though short, it took a lot of pain and effort to get it written and published. I would like for like for it to be read by as wide an audience as possible not only because that would help me achieve my goal of financial independence sooner, but MOSTLY because I think many people will enjoy it and find it useful.

The book, along with this website and blog are my contribution to "the cause" of making compassionate and effective mental health care available to all.

I gave a copy of the first edition paperback version to the deacon at our parish last year not long after I published it and he got back to me a couple weeks later after Sunday Mass and said "nice pamphlet". I'm laughing as I write this because though I hung my head at the time and said "aww darn..." to myself, I take it now to mean that I need to keep at it and produce more substantial good stuff for "that cause" I just mentioned.

So if your interest is peaked and your curious or you just can't afford it, you can message me through the contact page on this site or through the Facebook Page for Climb the Hill Media and let me know you'd like a copy. (EPUB, PDF and MOBI files available.)

I'd be grateful if you do find it of value to consider purchasing it. It's available online at most of the major book retailers but purchasing it directly from my publisher's online store will benefit me the most.

The link to my ebook page is:

The link to the first edition paperback page is:


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