• Dan Popovich

A Re-Posting: A Christian Poem of "Realization" by Daniel A. Popovich

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I have no real clue

Where you have been my friend

Whether in your "real-life" travels

Or in your minds dead-end

You see if all that meandering

Is merely in your head

You mustn't be afraid

To leave behind the "dead"

We're walking in the light today

Not yesterday nor t'morrow

There is no fear

No anxious thoughts

No devastating sorrow

Where is it that we're "going"?

Good question you may ask.

To meet a Friend and talk with Him

He gives us all our tasks!

We are The Church you've heard of

We carry on The Way

Regardless of one's 'bility

To offer work or pay

Just come and sit and listen

No one will bother you

The Master speaks to no one

Unless they want Him to

He waits He is so patient

His friends they do abound

He'll find the lost and lonely

And let them "hang around"

His workers are His Voice you see

Right here this day in sight

One Word of His is Freedom

One Look from Him is Light

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