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First Edition
(Paperback only)

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Second Edition
(Paperback and eBook)



In order to be truly free of mental illness, the sufferer must first be free to ask for help. In this brief but hard-hitting book, the reader will be encouraged to step outside of himself and listen to the Voice of reason that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Meant to stir healthy emotions and inspire rational thoughts, Winning the Battle with Mental Illness: An Example of Compassionate Catholic (Universal) Self-Care will motivate Catholics to seek help for their mental illnesses.


This is a self-help book. No one can take that all-important first step but you. The information provided within the pages of this book, combined with the persons and professionals that make up our country's behavioral health community, will guide you toward healing through faith and give you the freedom to do the spiritual work you were always meant to do.

About The Author

Daniel A. Popovich is a Catholic poet, author and advocate who lives in the Midwest.